Upon logging into the Crew Portal, crew members are able to easily view their payslips over any time period they wish to select.

CrewCard enables the customisation of certain pages within the software, offering a personalised template that displays only what you want it to.

CrewCard offers a range of functionalities on the CrewCard app in order to simplify processes and achieve an efficient order of operations.

In Billing Details Page, Clients are able to add their own billing details into the system, such as their credit card and bank account details.

Message Templates enable Admin users/Duty Managers to save commonly used SMS messages within the system and ready to send to Crew Members.

Blocking crew from specific activities allows crew members to work on shifts where the specified activity isn't being carried out. 

The kiosk is a function located in the CrewCard app, where clients or supervisors are able to Check-In/Out, and Start/End break on behalf of the crew.

Crew Statistics are an informative way to review vital information of your crew.

The Forms Matrix is a unique feature that contains all forms submitted by all user types. This provides an all-in-one location to store important documents and information.

The CrewCard software features automatic scheduling, through which job offers are automatically sent to the qualified crew, based on Rank, On Call availability and proximity.

The Two Factor Authentication feature adds a new layer of security to your data. Currently, this is optional and you can turn it ON from the security settings in your crew portal.

Clients may add their supervisors as another sub level to their own access.

Clients or account managers are able to access the CrewCard app to view their own jobs in the system.

In CrewCard your customers can pay invoices using their credit card or bank account via the secure payment gateway Stripe.

The Proximity feature makes it easier to get crew to accept shifts in out of the way places or for ASAP bookings by offering work to the closest staff first.

CrewCard seamlessly integrates with VEVO - the Australian Government's Visa Entitlement Verification Online system.

CrewCard enables recruiters to legally onboard staff quickly by inviting them to accept your company agreements by email.

Message Templates enable the Admin User / Duty Manager to save commonly used SMS messages in the system to send to Crew Member