Payroll Module User Guide

1.0 Accessing Payroll Module

The Payroll Module is accessible through the URL that CrewCard will provide.

Depending on the name of your instance, the URL address to access Payroll Module will be different from each client.

The initial username and password will be provided by CrewCard.

Once you have login to the Payroll Portal, a two-step authentication code will be required.

The code will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Enter the code in the provided field and click Verify.

These users will have access to the Payroll Portal.

On this page, you can add, edit and delete a user.


2.0 Changing Payroll ID with the same Income Type

We can update the crew member tax type by selecting the Old Income type or the Changing of Income Type.

Old Income Type:

To access the Crew profile, Hover your mouse to Contacts and select Crew List under Crew column.

Select the crew and click the edit icon.

In the Crew Profile, go to the Personal Details section.

Follow the guidelines of the fields:

First Name: Does not accept characters with tremor

Last Name: Accepts up to 40 characters only

Mobile Number: Accepts up to 16 characters only

Enter the payroll ID and Tick the Payroll Update checkbox.

Select the Income Type and click the Save Details button.

Click Administration drop down and select Payroll Settings.

Click the Payroll drop down and select YTD Amendment.

In the YTD page, click the Create Update button.

Select the Financial Year and click the Create button.

Click the Edit icon to change the Old Income type.

Tick the checkbox under the Final column of the selected Old Income Type of the Crew Member.

Click the Send Update button.

If you want to submit to ATO, Click Submit to ATO.

Changing of Income Type:

Go to the Employees page, and enter a new Payroll ID for the Crew.

Select the new Income Type from the dropdown menu, then click SAVE.

Now the next time you create a Pay Run for that crew, a new row in the Year To Date Amendment page will be added.

 As such, you need to close and finalise the old Income Type of that crew.

Click Create Update. Select applicable financial year. Then click Create.

Click the pencil icon of the old Income Type of the crew. The box will automatically have a check on it.

Tick the box of the Final and Click the Send Update.


If you want to send the update even to ATO, click Submit ATO. Otherwise, click YTD Transaction where you can send the update event on a later date.

1.1 iOS Download

To add an allowance, hover your mouse over the Administration menu.

Select Allowance to direct you to the Allowance Page.

In the Allowance page, Click +Add Allowance. You may also view, edit and delete the  allowance from this page.

Fill out the Add Allowance form.

In the Add/ Edit Allowance page, select the ATO code

ATO Code:

CD (Cents per Kilometre)

AD (Award Transport Payments)

LD  (Laundry)

MD (Overtime Meal Allowances)

RD (Domestic or Overseas Travel Allowances and Overseas Accommodation)

TD (Tool Allowances)

OD (Other Allowances)

KN (Tasks)

QN (Qualifications/ Certificates)

And select the Allowance type.

Manual – will allow the allowance to be manually entered on the Edit Shift page or Job Sheet page.

Shift Hours – will trigger allowance based on the entered shift hours.

Day/Time – will trigger allowance based on the entered day/time.

Once done filling out, Click Save button.

Once saved, a notification will show that Allowance was successfully saved.