Multiple Views

Each page offers a range of unique features to optimise operations management. Intuitive pages such as Calendars, Jobs, Shift and Events display the status of bookings and rostered staff in real time, using alternate and informative views.

The Graph, Daily Jobs, Statistics and Map pages provide other advantages, each with adaptable reports available for excel export to ensure you can stay on top of HR needs and compliance.

Client Calendar

See every job in a single glance. With just one click, you can see who is on shift and what venue they’re working at, as well as any relevant details.

Daily Jobs

View jobs by day or use the search function to find exactly what you’re looking for. New jobs can be added quickly and edits can be made when changes occur.


CrewCard displays jobs in graphs by time and day. Colour coding allows you to quickly see who is working where.


Events are a different way to view active jobs. Here you can create bookings and quotes for jobs and send them directly to the client.


Manage jobs, quotes and invoices all on the one page. This page makes sure all shifts are covered whilst also allowing you to see what quotes have been accepted and which invoices have been paid.


Managing shifts is easy with CrewCard. View all shifts booked in the system and quickly see who has confirmed shifts and where they are rostered on.