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CrewCard App

Discover the CrewCard App

  • Instantly connect all user types in the one app.
  • Roster on skilled staff with ease, filtering staff by star ratings, qualifications, experience and more.
  • Scheduling software allows you to easily add jobs, edit, schedule and auto schedule through the website or app.
  • Give clients or managers secure app access to manage and monitor staff.
  • Know exactly where your staff are at all times with GPS Geofencing and location mapping for check in, check out and breaks.
  • Task management is made easy with task checklists for employees to access on the go.
  • Get in touch with staff, managers and clients with our complete communications messaging system.
  • Receive en-route reminders when staff are on their way to shifts.
  • Employees know exactly where to go with in-built GPS Navigations and route optimisation to ensure no time is wasted between shifts or locations.
  • Rate and review staff with our simple star rating system.
  • White label the app to make it your own with branding and logos

Discover CrewPass

CrewCard allows users to access, complete and upload specific job inductions within the app, providing them with a CrewPass that displays the inductions and qualifications required to access the job site.

Ensure staff don’t forget about upcoming inductions or obligations with automated reminders for staff and admin.


GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking for Staff

Know exactly where your staff are working by using CrewCard’s Job Details page.

GPS Navigation ensures staff know exactly where they’re going, directing them to the correct meeting place to improve time and attendance at each job location. When staff are on their way to a shift, you’ll receive an en-route confirmation within the app.

Once they’re at work, use the time slider to check on staff location throughout their shift, ensuring staff are where they need to be.

Automated Notifications

Never chase staff time sheets again with CrewCard’s automated shift reminders, en-route reminders, check in and check out reminders.

The CrewCard app also allows you to offer jobs and shifts to employees via the app through push notifications, email and SMS. Accepting a job is easy with employees confirming their interest with a few simple taps.

Automated Notifications

Crew Access

Powerful Admin Features

CrewCard handles all aspects of workforce management – including recruitment and automated onboarding, contracts, rostering, auto scheduling, time and attendance, GPS tracking and everything else required for HR and compliance.

Admin & Client Access

Staff Management Made Easy

Multiple Views
Multiple Views

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See every job in a single glance. With just one click, you can see who is on shift and what venue they’re working at, as well as any relevant details.
Client Calendar
View jobs by day or use the search function to find exactly what you’re looking for. New jobs can be added quickly and edits can be made when changes occur.
Daily Jobs
CrewCard displays jobs in graphs by time and day. Colour coding allows you to quickly see who is working where.
Events are a different way to view active jobs. Here you can create bookings and quotes for jobs and send them directly to the client.
Manage jobs, quotes and invoices all on the one page. This page makes sure all shifts are covered whilst also allowing you to see what quotes have been accepted and which invoices have been paid.
Managing shifts is easy with CrewCard. View all shifts booked in the system and quickly see who has confirmed shifts and where they are rostered on.

Each page offers a range of unique features to optimise operations management. Intuitive pages such as Calendars, Jobs, Shift and Events display the status of bookings and rostered staff in real time, using alternate and informative views.

The Graph, Daily Jobs, Statistics and Map pages provide other advantages, each with adaptable reports available for excel export to ensure you can stay on top of HR needs and compliance.

Intelligent Scheduling
Intelligent Scheduling

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Job Sheets are automatically created when a job is added. Here you can quickly fill in shifts and finalise details.
Job Sheets
Manually schedule crew for upcoming shifts. This gives you complete control over who is offered particular shifts.
Manual Scheduler
Combine multiple shifts into one using the Merge Shifts button. When merging shifts a crew member will only receive a single job offer message.
Merge Scheduler
The Auto Scheduler automatically sends offers to qualified crew members. Similar to the Manual Scheduler, this allows you to use Rank, On Call, Proximity and Merge Shift options.
Auto Scheduler
View who is on shift on the calendar page and quickly schedule any empty shifts in the one place.
CrewCard makes sure you never understaff a job. View shifts on a single page and ensure crew members are assigned to every shift.

CrewCard’s Scheduler allows you to offer shifts to single staff members or large numbers of staff, even across multiple jobs with multiple dates, times, skills and locations – all within a matter of seconds.

Staff can accept shifts within the CrewCard app and are alerted to jobs through push notifications, email and SMS. Job confirmation messages are sent automatically when staff are scheduled and booked according to their rank, skill, location and availability.

CrewCard can also be set to automatically offer and confirm staff on shifts for seamless and painless staff rostering and allocation.

Applicant Tracking
Applicant Tracking

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CrewCard makes hiring easier. Allow new staff to work for your company by sharing the sign up page. This recruiting page is customised for each client, allowing you to receive all of the information required.
Sign Up
CrewCard automatically creates a recruit card for each individual. Here you can quickly look through location and contact information and see where they are up to in the recruitment process.
Recruit Card
Know exactly who is working for you with Recruit Bios for every staff member. Here you will find details on their skills and qualifications, rating information and availability.
Recruit Bio
The agreements tab contains citizenship status, VEVO, visa checks, policies and contracts to ensure your staff are ready to work. Policies and contracts can be customised to suit your company and staff.
CrewCard makes it easy for new staff members to use the app. Create your own template or use CrewCard’s pre-loaded templates to bring them on board.
Invite Email
Share job invitations or request information from multiple recruits with just a few simple clicks.
Invite Recruit

Recruitment, onboarding and applicant tracking is all handled within the CrewCard platform, meaning less integrations and more available staff for you to schedule.

The sign-up and recruitment pages are customisable with optional interview questions and reference requests. Hundreds of new staff members can be activated each day via a link to an agreements page containing your company policies and agreements. These can be accepted through the mobile app for ease of signing, with signed documents stored within their profile.

Optional multiple-choice induction forms can be added to the recruitment process to ensure staff are ready to work as quickly as possible. Recruits can also set up their payment and account details including online TFND and Superannuation.

The entire recruitment module is customisable to the unique needs of your company.

Legal Compliance
Legal Compliance

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Set up automatic reminders so staff upload important documents in time.
File Reminder
CrewCard removes double handling by allowing crew to upload their own documentation and dates to their profile.
Staff File Upload
Each crew member has their own profile which can be edited at any time by admin. Here you will see their scores based on their performance, view contact details, activate their app and more.
Crew Profile
Stay on top of compliance requirements with qualifications, work hour limitations, visas and other documentation all visible on the one page. The system will automatically block crew members who are no longer compliant.
Compliance Settings
CrewCard allows you to block crew from certain clients. When booking a job, the crew who are blocked from working will appear in red and will be unable to select.
Blocked Crew On Scheduler
Any crew member that has not completed their profile will be automatically blocked. A warning will appear on their profile explaining why they have been blocked.
Blocked Crew Profile with warnings

Legal compliance requirements can be difficult to maintain, especially when using multiple software systems. CrewCard is your one stop rostering and compliance solution, keeping track of when staff are booked on shifts and whether they will exceed the limits you have programmed into the system.

Once qualifications are correctly mapped to activities, it is impossible to confirm non-qualified staff members on shifts, ensuring no mistakes are made. CrewCard also allows you to set limits for staff to work maximum hours per week, fortnight or month for return-to-work plans, student visas and to prevent excessive overtime payments.

Integrated VEVO checks are also simple to perform and will block staff upon expiry.

Work Health and Safety
Work Health and Safety

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CrewCard creates a hassle free safety plan for each job. Here the crew will find exactly what they need for each job to protect them from hazards.
Create a toolbox talk for each job. This will automatically display whenever a crew member is on site.
Tool Box Talk
Create safety inductions that must be read before starting a shift. Preload inductions into the system so crew members are alerted before their shift.
Reporting incidents on a job is made easy with CrewCard. Crew, supervisors, and team leaders can use the app to quickly report any incidents that occur during a shift.
Incident Report Form
CrewCard makes it easy to report and share hazards and safety issues on a job site. Crew, supervisors, and team leaders can use the app to quickly report any incidents that occur during a shift.
Report Safety
Form Matrix displays all submitted forms in the one place for easy access and monitoring.
Forms Matrix

Safe Work Method Statements, Toolbox Talks, Safety Inductions, Workplace Inspections Incident Reports and Risk Assessments can all be loaded into CrewCard in mobile format to be accessed by staff, clients and admin at any time.

Complete HR
Complete HR

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Send clients and crew invitations to download the CrewCard app with one simple click.
Invitation Email
Upload contracts into the system to send offers to crew members. Each contract will be personally addressed to the individual crew member.
Contract PDF with Signatures
Once a crew member is in the system, a crew profile will be created with all of their contracts and agreements.
Crew Contract Record
Crew are required to view and accept disclaimers and agreements before working. These custom forms are pre-uploaded and presented to crew members on sign up.
Custom Disclaimer and Agreement
Save signatures in the system and allocate signatures to the correct contract. This will display on every contract that has been read.
Contract Setting with Signature
Set up actions that crew members need to read and understand before completing a job. These actions can be quickly switched on or off through the settings.
Custom Forms

All of your company policies can be loaded into CrewCard for your staff to view in their Crew Portal anytime in mobile responsive format.

Similarly, any contracts can be created in your Contracts module with pre-saved signature blocks. These can be emailed to staff at any time with a link to the contract for staff to sign on their device. The executed contract is then emailed to them and admin and stored in their profile as a PDF. Any form can be created for your staff to complete and accept.

Stay on top of paperwork with automatic reminders for outstanding forms, expiry dates of qualifications, trainings, visas and IDs sent to crew automatically. Uploading new documents is a breeze with staff uploading documents directly from their device for approval.

Awards and Payroll
Awards and Payroll

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Create different pay rates based on the activity and priority. Priority allows users to prioritise which rates should be applied first and overrides default rates.
Finance Module
Quickly edit categories to make filling jobs easy.
Rates can be edited at any time. Edit the name, amount and any bonuses to customise rates to your business. Crew members will be paid a single rate with the invoice showing any additional charges.
Edit Rates
CrewCard makes monitoring crew hours a breeze by formulating timesheets based on the information received from clients and crew.
CrewCard creates payrolls and payslips for each crew member. MYOB users can quickly connect payroll and payslip data to their account.
Customise what rules apply to your payments and charge structures.

Once your pay and charge rates are set up, simply assign staff to the correct shifts and CrewCard will automatically calculate the correct rates. Different pay and charge rates can be programmed according to shift times, days of the week and overtime after hours per day and / or hours per week. Allowances can be added to Activities and extras can be paid for reimbursements of expenses.

Invoicing and Quotes
Invoicing and Quotes

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View all entered, paid and outstanding invoices in a single page. Invoice and GST rates are broken down with totals displayed.
Invoices Overview
Invoices and quotes can be viewed via the job page. Here you can quickly see what quotes have been approved and which invoices have been paid.
Invoice and Quote per Job
CrewCard breaks down the costs to make admin easy. Quickly view all costings for each job, complete with crew work hours.
Invoice Details and custom charges
View all invoices sent to clients on a single page. Here you will see what is outstanding and what statements have gained interest as well as a total amount of all invoices sent to date.
Email invoices statement
Know exactly what clients have yet to pay with outstanding invoices visible on one page.
Outstanding invoices total per client
Sometimes changes need to be made and CrewCard makes it easy to charge, hold and refund payments through the system.
Charge, hold and refund payment

Each Job Sheet comes with a corresponding Invoice and Quote (optional) automatically created according to the rates programmed into the system. Quotes are sent to clients as soon as the booking for the job is placed.

Once a job is completed and staff members have completed their time sheets by checking in/out, invoices are ready to be sent to the client for payment.

Statements for outstanding invoices can be emailed to clients quickly and easily to assist with on-time payments.

Client CRM
Client CRM

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When a client is logged into CrewCard they can view all past and upcoming jobs in the Calendar.
Client Calender
Create client groups and allocate the necessary activities to suit their bookings for jobs.
Client Groups
Allow clients to make their own bookings through the CrewCard system.
Client Booking
See who is working where with the time and location of crew members visible on one page.
Time tracking
Clients can add their own Project Manager to CrewCard for future use.
Add Project Managers
Each client entered into the system will have their own profile. This includes their login details, app invitation, contact information and any notes and can be edited and updated at any time.
Custom Client info

Give clients access to your own branded version of CrewCard. Personalised for each client, the Client CRM allows you to record all notes and records for that client whilst also setting unique charge rates so that invoices automatically reflect the correct negotiated prices.

Projects and Processes
Projects and Processes

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Create project overviews and assign tasks to the right crew member with the Projects page. Crew members will then receive notifications and invitations for that project.
See current, upcoming and past tasks all on the one page to make managing tasks easier.
Task Planning
Adding tickets into the system is easy. Simply fill in the required fields and set reminders for staff to ensure tasks are completed.
Add Task are ticket
Edit the description of tickets with just a few clicks
Edit Project Workflow
Store office and job processes in CrewCard. These are saved for crew and admin to refer to at any time.
Processes can be assigned by Activity, allowing for different access levels. Processes can be added, edited and deleted using this settings page.
Manage Processes

CrewCard comes complete with its own Project Management module, allowing you to process, review and complete projects in a single system.

Automatic email reminders are sent with a deadline time to keep staff, clients and team managers in the loop with how tasks are progressing.

Easily create responsive webpages for all of your internal company processes so that operations staff can search and access instructions from within the secure environment of CrewCard, allowing them to best perform their job.

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