Preferred Staff

In the dynamic world of workforce management, organisations are constantly seeking ways to streamline operations and enhance productivity. One valuable strategy that businesses are adopting is the careful management of preferred employees within the CrewCard/Personnel Manager system. This article delves into the significance of preferred employees and how effectively managing them can lead to improved scheduling, increased job satisfaction, and overall operational excellence.

Preferred employees are those team members who possess specific skills, experience, or qualifications that align perfectly with the needs of certain shifts, tasks, or projects. They are the go-to individuals who excel in their roles, demonstrate reliability, and consistently contribute to the success of the organisation. Recognising and prioritising these employees can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of workforce management.

To start, move your cursor over to the Contacts section in the central navigation bar and then choose Preferred Staff/ Crew located within the Staff/ Crew column.

You will be taken to the preferred staff page, where you can designate the preferred crew members for the clients.

To include a preferred crew member for clients, simply click on the Add Preferred Crew button. A pop-up window will emerge, prompting you to choose the client and select the preferred crew member.

Conditions as follow:

  • If the crew isn’t assigned to a specific client, they will be visible in the preferred crew list, regardless of the client.
  • If the crew is assigned to a particular client, they will only be displayed if that client is chosen in the preferred crew section.
  • Incompatible crew members with the selected client will not be shown.

This is the visual representation after you have allocated a preferred crew to a specific client.

Within the preferred crew page, you have the option to either make modifications to your preferred crew selections or alternatively remove them by clicking the trash icon.

This can be verified in Client and Crew Profile as shown in the illustration below.

Client – Navigate to the client’s profile and choose “Preferred Crew” from the sidebar menu.

Crew- Navigate to the Crew’s profile and choose “Preferred Client” from the sidebar menu.

Furthermore, a new feature has been incorporated into the scheduler page, allowing administrators to filter staff status specifically by preferred staff.