Intelligent Scheduling

CrewCard’s Scheduler allows you to offer shifts to single staff members or large numbers of staff, even across multiple jobs with multiple dates, times, skills and locations – all within a matter of seconds.

Staff can accept shifts within the CrewCard app and are alerted to jobs through push notifications, email and SMS. Job confirmation messages are sent automatically when staff are scheduled and booked according to their rank, skill, location and availability.

CrewCard can also be set to automatically offer and confirm staff on shifts for seamless and painless staff rostering and allocation.

Job Sheets

Job Sheets are automatically created when a job is added. Here you can quickly fill in shifts and finalise details.

Manual Scheduler

Manually schedule crew for upcoming shifts. This gives you complete control over who is offered particular shifts.

Merge Scheduler

Combine multiple shifts into one using the Merge Shifts button. When merging shifts a crew member will only receive a single job offer message.

Auto Scheduler

The Auto Scheduler automatically sends offers to qualified crew members. Similar to the Manual Scheduler, this allows you to use Rank, On Call, Proximity and Merge Shift options.


View who is on shift on the calendar page and quickly schedule any empty shifts in the one place.


CrewCard makes sure you never understaff a job. View shifts on a single page and ensure crew members are assigned to every shift.