Never sign paper contracts again. CrewCard allows your authorised signatories to pre-sign contracts so they don't have to electronically sign each time a contract is executed.

During the onboarding process for new staff, recruits are guided to the Agreements page where they will accept your legal agreements such as contracts, company policies and disclaimers.

CrewCard allows you to add your company policies as responsive web pages or uploaded attachments for your crew members to access within their Crew Portal. In fact, any documentation can be added via the Resources module.

Actions forms are custom online forms for your staff to complete. CrewCard offers as many online forms to help you manage your business as you need.

Improve the efficiency of your workplace by adding all of your company processes into CrewCard so they are easily accessible to your office team members as responsive web pages.

CrewCard includes a complete project management module called Projects to allow easy team collaboration in a user-friendly, visual interface stored within the secure environment of your CrewCard Admin Portal.

Tired of manually recruiting staff for your company, or using a separate onboarding system than your rostering and timesheets solution? Well, CrewCard has you covered!

If you find yourself using excel spreadsheets or a hodge-podge of multiple legacy software systems just to get your staff management done, then you should consider upgrading your operations with CrewCard workforce management software.