Managing Confidential Information with Restricted Notes and Files​

In today’s fast-paced work environment, organisations rely on efficient and secure data management to ensure their operations run smoothly. However, there are instances where certain information needs to be kept confidential, accessible only to authorized personnel. To address this need, many businesses utilise Restricted Notes and Restricted Files features, ensuring exclusive access to discrete and confidential data.

Every organisation has sensitive data that should be accessible only to specific individuals. Whether you’re a Duty Manager or an Admin, there are times when you need to access confidential information about crew members that should remain hidden from ordinary office staff. This is where the Restricted Notes and Restricted Files features come into play.

How does It Works?

Accessing Restricted Notes and Files

To access the restricted notes and files, authorized users (such as Duty Managers and Admins) can follow these simple steps:

Open the crew list and locate the “Edit” button.

Once on the crew overview page, scroll down until you find the “Restricted” tab.

Alternatively, you can close the crew overview dropdown to reveal the “Restricted” tab.

If you’ve been granted access, you will be able to view both pages, where you can manage restricted notes and files.

Managing Restricted Notes

Restricted notes are simple to add, delete, and access.

To add a restricted note, click on “Add New” and enter the title and specific information intended for the crew.

Click “Save” to save the note.

To delete a note, tick the checkbox next to it and click “Delete.”

Access deleted notes by clicking on “Deleted Notes.”

Managing Restricted Files

Managing restricted files is equally simple:

To add a restricted file, provide a description and upload the file to the designated area.

The uploaded file will be displayed at the bottom with upload history.

To delete a file, click on the bin icon next to it.

Access deleted files by clicking on “Deleted Files.”

Maintaining Strict Control

It’s crucial to emphasize that only authorised personnel should have access to restricted notes and files. Access permissions must be carefully managed, ensuring that confidential information remains secure. Regularly review and update access permissions to maintain data security and comply with privacy regulations.

Granting Access

For Admins looking to grant access to Restricted Notes and Restricted Files, follow these steps in the Admin Settings (available for Super Users/Admins only):

Open the Admin Settings and navigate to the Duty Manager tab.

Locate settings number 65A Assign Manager to access Restricted Notes in Crew Profile.

Proceed to settings number 65B  Assign Manager to access Restricted Files in Crew Profile.

Move the Duty Manager’s name to the Assigned Manager column for each feature.

Click the “Save” button to confirm the access grant.

By following these steps, you can ensure that only authorised personnel have access to the confidential information stored in Restricted Notes and Files.

In an age where data security and confidentiality are paramount, Restricted Notes and Files offer a robust solution for managing sensitive information within your organisation. By following the provided guidelines and maintaining strict control over access permissions, you can protect your organization’s confidential data while ensuring that authorised personnel have the information they need to carry out their duties effectively.