Bulk SMS Recruits allows the Admin User / Duty Manager (Recruiter) to SMS multiple recruits at once, as the name suggests. This is useful to check if potential recruits may have the skills required or the availability to perform certain roles you may require filled.

The new Cancel / Remove feature allows a Crew Member to be cancelled from a shift without deleting that shift.

CrewCard enables Admin users to create groups of Crew Members which can be assigned to groups of Clients.

The Registration / Induction form has settings options to display with your company or site information by default or to require the staff to add the site location for mobile jobs.

CrewCard enables Admin Superusers to have 2 Step Factor Authentication (2FA) when logging into the Admin Portal.

CrewCard enables you to communicate with your staff and create chat groups like social media platforms to engage with certain groups of your Crew Members, such as those working on specific jobs or in specific roles.

Time Off In Lieu can be managed within the CrewCard Platform.

Managing site inductions for staff has never been easier than with CrewCard.

Managing staff documents through the app will make processes easier and quicker for admins.

Uploading documents has never been easier. The CrewCard app provides a simple process for Crew Members to provide documents for qualifications.

No more chasing up documents! CrewCard has made it easy for you and your crew to upload qualifications and inductions.

COVID-19 documentation requirements can be uploaded through the qualifications setting.

Qualifications are certificates or tickets that staff may be required to possess in order to legally perform their work tasks.

This allows you to filter Shifts or Jobs by Abilities to refine your options to crew who not only are assigned to certain Activities but are also assigned to certain Abilities.

Assign the Qualification or multiple Qualifications to the Activity at the Qualification section after edit the desired Activity on the Activities Page.

Export of Shifts from 01 January in the current year including all future shifts for security against power outages, server interruptions, internet connectivity issues or cyber attacks. Daily Export $50.00 per month. Hourly Export $100.00 per month.

CrewCard allows you to create Access Levels and assign them to your workers to be displayed within their CrewPass on their CrewCard App.

CrewCard / PM is more than a rostering solution. Many features have been developed to handle related aspects of workforce management. We are developing Updates on the CrewCard website with helpful information for our clients. Please substitute Personnel Manager for CrewCard in your mind when reading the articles.