CrewCard Portal – Crew User Guide

1.0 Welcome to CrewCard

This manual is created to provide guidance and reference to the users of CrewCard, it gives users a depth of understanding its functions and capabilities.

CNB – Central Navigation Bar

Central Navigation Bar is on the top of the page. Hover your mouse over the icons to show dropdown menu lists. See sample below:

2.0 Home Page

Login is supplied by the admin. If you need any help please contact

2.1 Calendar

Once logged in you will be taken to the home page which will display the calendar. 

The calendar will show you the jobs you are rostered on. You can view the calendar by month, week, 3 days and a day.

Click the arrow on the shift to extend the job information.

This will show you who else is on the job, the job time and the venue location. 

Click options, this will give you access to the shifts button which will direct you to the shifts page. 

To learn more about shifts, please see guide 2.5.

To venue the venue details click the house button.

It will display information about the venue and the key locations

2.2 Day Sheet

A day sheet is create for each job. 

Job Details: Information about the job will show when it is expanded. 
Meeting Point: View the location you will meet at.
Staff GPS: This will show your location live on a map.
A pop out window will open, if you agree please click ‘I Agree’.

Sign off, use your mouse to sign the form once competed. 

At the bottom of the page there are 4 buttons. 

Check In: Enter the time when you start your shift
Breaks: Press the button when you start your break and enter the time. Press the button again and enter the time when your shift is over. 
Check Out: Enter the time when you finish the job 
Submit: Submit your time sheet once completed 

2.3 Actions

If you are required to complete forms or policies that have been updated by the admin it will display here for you to read. 

You may have to agree, accept and sign the form once understood.

2.4 Upload Files

It is required to upload files to your crew profile to keep it up to date. These documents include Qualifications, Inductions, Visa, ID and other important documents.

Make sure you press save after uploading the documents. 

2.5 Shifts

 The shifts page will show you an overview of all the shifts that are coming up that you have confirmed.

3.0 Jobs tab

3.1 Upcoming Jobs

This will take you to the shift page, pleas view guide 2.5 shifts. However, this will only display upcoming jobs and no past jobs.

3.2 Past Jobs

This is similar to past jobs however, shows you jobs that have been completed. 

4.0 Options

4.1 Actions

This window provides the list of actions that are needed to be taken before a job. For more information see guide 2.3 Actions.

4.2 On Call

This allows you to be available to accept shifts when you are not rostered. click on the Off-Call Status button.

Type Suburb where you are currently located and select from the search result.

Click Submit. 

On Call Status will ignore your current unavailability and preferred area to work based on your current location. Job Offers will be sent until On Call is switched off. Off Call meaning you are not available to accept any jobs outside your preferred location.

4.3 Invited Actions

On this page you will be able to view the Actions you have completed and see the current status.

4.4 Files

This is like actions section however, you can overview all actions that are required to complete and needed to be submitted. Files, please see guide 2.4.

4.5 Resources

Actions and other files will display here. These files are uploaded by the company. You can revisit them at any time to read.

To be able to view the corresponding resource, please select one and a new window showing the resource information will appear.

Select close once understood.

4.6 Processes

Processes are uploaded by the company, they will be stored here for crew to refer back at anytime when needed.

To be able to view the corresponding process, please select one and a new window showing the process information will appear.

Select close once understood.

4.7 Contracts

Contracts are signed when singing up are stored here.

Double click the green box to download the contract.

4.8 Timesheet

Timesheets display the shift you have worked and the times.

Only lock shifts will display here. 

4.9 SMS

View SMS messages that are sent to you. It will log all the messages that have been delivered

4.10 Pay

This page will display yo play slip. It is broken up in the location or business with details about the job times. It will break down any allowances that were given.

5.0 Unavailability

One this page you can enter your unavailability, edit and delete. 

Click Add Unavailability and fill out the fields, it will be sent to the company to be reviewed. 

6.0 Profile

6.1 Bio

Here you can see your information, your latest ratings and comment left by clients. Here you can upload you employment history, profile image as well as documents.

Tick box your skills and qualifications. When a qualifications box is tick it will create below an area to upload this documentation.

Click save when any changes are made.

6.2 Overview

In this section, you may be able to view and edit the personal information previously input.


6.3 Agreements

This page allows you to view agreements signed in the past. Any new agreements will appear here.

6.4 Induction

Complete the induction, after it will be stored here. You are able to refer back to it at anytime.

6.5 Contracts

Read and accept contracts uploaded to this page. You can enter and reread the contracts at anytime.

6.6 Accounts

To Update the Account Details in the Crew Profile, Login to the Crew Portal.

Enter your User name and Password. Once credentials has been entered, Click Login button.

 Click the Crew Drop down in the Crew Portal and select Accounts.

Crew must update their account details in this section:

Banking Details

Bank Name: Bank Name of the Crew

Name of Account: Account Name of the Crew

BSB: 6 Digits number used to identify the individual branch of an Australian Bank

Account Number: Bank Account Number of the Crew

Super Fund Details

Super Company Name: Name of the Super Company financial institution EG Australian Super

SPIN/USI: Super Fund USI

Super ABN: Super Fund ABN

Super Product Name: Is the name of the Product under the specific super fund. It is identified by the USI

Super Account Name: Crew Super Account Name

Your Super Membership Number: Crew Super Membership Number

CrewCard Super default fund

Membership Number:  Crew Membership Number

Tax File Declaration

File Number (TFN): Crew Tax File Number (9 Digits number)

Fill out the rest of the fields under Tax File Declaration section.

Once the account details has been updated, click Save button.