Client CRM

Give clients access to your own branded version of CrewCard. Personalised for each client, the Client CRM allows you to record all notes and records for that client whilst also setting unique charge rates so that invoices automatically reflect the correct negotiated prices.

Client Calender

When a client is logged into CrewCard they can view all past and upcoming jobs in the Calendar.

Client Groups

Create client groups and allocate the necessary activities to suit their bookings for jobs.

Manage Booking

Allow clients to make their own bookings through the CrewCard system.

Time Tracking

See who is working where with the time and location of crew members visible on one page.

Add Project Managers

Clients can add their own Project Manager to CrewCard for future use.

Custom Client Info

Each client entered into the system will have their own profile. This includes their login details, app invitation, contact information and any notes and can be edited and updated at any time.