Projects and Processes

CrewCard comes complete with its own Project Management module, allowing you to process, review and complete projects in a single system.

Automatic email reminders are sent with a deadline time to keep staff, clients and team managers in the loop with how tasks are progressing.

Easily create responsive webpages for all of your internal company processes so that operations staff can search and access instructions from within the secure environment of CrewCard, allowing them to best perform their job.


Create project overviews and assign tasks to the right crew member with the Projects page. Crew members will then receive notifications and invitations for that project.

Task Planning

See current, upcoming and past tasks all on the one page to make managing tasks easier.

Add Task to the Ticket

Adding tickets into the system is easy. Simply fill in the required fields and set reminders for staff to ensure tasks are completed.

Edit Project Workflow

Edit the description of tickets with just a few clicks.


Store office and job processes in CrewCard. These are saved for crew and admin to refer to at any time.

Manage Processes

As not all processes are for everyone allocate who can see which process. Here you can delete and edit existing.