CrewCard Portal – Client User Guide

1.0 Welcome to CrewCard

CrewCard provides tools and features that make the job of an employee more efficient and effective. There are three main pages for the client to access calendar, shifts and day sheets. The manual will help guide you to use these ages. As well as settings and chat.

2.0 Calendar

Calendar allows you to over view shifts by month, week, 3 day and by day.

Click the arrow button to expand the shift to view more information.

Click the house to view or edit the location of the job.

You can access the day sheet and shift page through this too.

3.0 Day Sheet

A day sheet is create for each job. 

Job Details: Information about the job will show when it is expanded. 
Meeting Point: View the location you will meet at.
Staff GPS: This will show your location live on a map.
A pop out window will open, if you agree please click ‘I Agree’.

Sign off, use your mouse to sign the form once competed. 

At the bottom of the page there are 4 buttons. 

Check In: Enter the time when you start your shift
Breaks: Press the button when you start your break and enter the time. Press the button again and enter the time when your shift is over. 
Check Out: Enter the time when you finish the job 
Submit: Submit your time sheet once completed 

4.0 Shifts

View all shifts that are roster for your company. You can set break times and add notes to shifts for the crew to view.


5.0 Chat

Live chat to the admin of the account. Click chat and the message window will open.

6.0 Add Job

For a new job, CrewCard does provide a feature called Add Job. To access said feature, on the homepage, please select Add Job on the top menu.

Once on the Add Booking page, please input the following information:

  • Previous Job Reference – please choose from the drop-down list.

  • Booking Person – please choose from the drop-down list. Select the person responsible for booking.

  • Job Location – please choose from the drop-down list. Select from the Locations provided.

  • PO No. (or name of an event) – Input the PO number or Name of an event
  • Venue Name – please choose from the drop-down list. Select from the Venue names provided.

  • Meeting Place/Address – Select from the Locations provided. You may also add a new Venue by placing corresponding information.

  • Room – Select from the rooms provided. You may also add a new room by placing corresponding information.

  • Onsite Contact – Select from the Contacts provided. You may also add a new contact by placing corresponding information.

  • Date – You may select multiple dates according to your business need on the calendar interface.

  • Number of Crew – Input the number of crew need for the job.
  • Time On – Input the start time for the job.
  • Time Off – Input the end time for the job.
  • Activity – Select from the activity list.

  • Ability – Select from the ability list.

To finish please select Next.

On the Job Details page please input/confirm the following information for each date.

  • Activity
  • Abilities
  • Quantity (number of crew)
  • Start Time
  • End Time

There is also an option to delete or add a new Activity. Once confirmed please select Next.

On the Overview Page, a summary of the Jobs to be created is shown together with the corresponding information. 

There is also an option to select from the pre-existing Inductions or add a new Induction. Once confirmed please select Next.

On the Final Info page, you may be able to leave notes for the Crew and Admin also additional requirements may be set here. Once confirmed please select Confirm Booking.

Once the booking is successful you will be redirected to a confirmation page showing the status and details of the created job.

7.0 Settings


Settings is more of a profile detail for your company. Enter the details of your company including ABN.

Check ABN will make sure the ABN you have enter is valid.

Account details is the contact in the company that will handle invoices.

Primary booking person, is the key contact if there is any issues when created a booking, they will manage the bookings made.  


Contract are upload by the admin of the system they will be here, and need to be read and signed. You can come back and visit them at any time.


This page will store different supervisors that will be allocated to jobs when they are booked. You can add, edit and delete them.

Project Manager

This is the same as supervisor however, this will be the project manager for the over all job.