The integration of CrewCard with CrewPayer simplifies the process of paying the crew by providing a unified software solution. This seamless integration streamlines the employee payment process, making it easier and more efficient.


Integrating MYOB with CrewCard can provide a seamless solution for managing financial and accounting aspects within the CrewCard platform. By integrating MYOB with CrewCard, you can simplify processes such as payroll, invoicing and financial reporting.


With the integration of XERO into CrewCard/Personnel Manager, exporting invoices to Xero has become incredibly convenient. Now, with just a simple click of the mouse, invoices can be seamlessly exported to Xero.


Streamlining timesheet management is vital for efficient workforce management. By integrating Astute into CrewCard/Personnel Manager, you can optimise your timesheet management processes, including accessing, exporting, converting, importing timesheets and exporting crew to Astute. This integration ensures a seamless experience throughout these operations, enhancing efficiency and simplifying your overall workflow.

Employment Hero

The integration of Employment Hero and CrewCard enables a smooth experience by allowing users to navigate to the timesheet page in CrewCard, export the Employment Hero (EH) records or EH approved records and subsequently upload them directly to Employment Hero.


Integrating KeyPay with CrewCard offers a powerful solution for managing payroll and timekeeping processes within the CrewCard platform. By integrating KeyPay with CrewCard, you can seamlessly synchronise employee data, timesheets and payroll information, streamlining your payroll and workforce management processes.


Integrating SuperChoice with CrewCard offers a streamlined solution for managing superannuation contributions and compliance within the CrewCard platform. This integration allows you to seamlessly connect your CrewCard account with SuperChoice, simplifying the process of handling superannuation data and ensuring compliance with regulations. With the SuperChoice integration, you can efficiently manage super contributions, automate data transfers and stay up-to-date with your superannuation obligations directly within CrewCard. This integration provides a convenient and comprehensive solution for effectively managing superannuation within your organisation.

Job Adder

Integrating JobAdder with CrewCard brings together two powerful platforms to enhance your recruitment and workforce management processes. By integrating JobAdder with CrewCard, you can seamlessly synchronise candidate information streamlining your recruitment and onboarding processes.

Rental Point

Integrating RentalPoint with CrewCard streamlines your equipment rental and workforce management processes. This integration enables seamless communication, efficient equipment management, improved resource planning and ensures data accuracy. By leveraging both platforms together, you can enhance your overall operational efficiency and optimise your equipment and crew management workflows.


By integrating Rentman with CrewCard/Personnel Manager and implementing the suggested features, They will have the capability to manually input jobs and labor details in Rentman. The entered data can then be exported to CrewCard/Personnel Manager, allowing for seamless transfer of information. Furthermore, any subsequent edits made in Rentman will automatically sync and update the corresponding records in CrewCard/Personnel Manager. This integration ensures that both systems stay synchronised and maintain accurate and current data.