Shift Editing & Offering via the App

CrewCard offers a range of functionalities on the CrewCard app in order to simplify processes and achieve an efficient order of operations. The ability to select multiple shifts, edit, schedule and/or auto schedule them, is an example of this. As a Client or Supervisor user, your home page will display a list of jobs and their respective details, presented under their respective day. 

Here, you are able to press and hold down a shift in order to move and place the shift box up and/or down the list. This is beneficial when prioritising shifts for the day and customising their order based on your individual preferences. 

You are also able to tap one, or multiple shifts, to select them. A selected shift will have an orange borderline around it. Once selected, the options of Cancel, Edit, Schedule and Auto will present at the bottom of the screen. The simple process of selecting one or more shifts, then clicking an action, provides a seamless experience when in need of organising jobs simultaneously.

The functions displayed provide the following actions once pressed on: 


The shifts selected will unselect.


A new page titled ‘Quick Edit’ will open. The selected shifts and their details are displayed and can be edited. This includes the Crew, Date, Time on, Time Off, Break Start and Break End. The option to add or delete break times using the plus and minus buttons is also available, with a maximum of 3 breaks allowed. 


The scheduler page will open, displaying which shifts have confirmed crew and which do not. For unconfirmed shifts, you are able to schedule offers to crew members based on their rank, on call status and proximity. The option to merge shifts is also available. The methods of sending shift offers include SMS, Email and/or via the App. 

The functions box shows Select __ Crew. Go OR All. Here, enter the number of crew members you would like to send the shift offerings to over a period of time. Otherwise, press ALL to send them to all of the crew members available. The options of Clear, Cancel, Pencil, Offer, Confirm and Confirm Message. 

Clear: clear the number entered and crew selected. 

Cancel: cancel the shift/s selected.

Pencil: select a crew member to assign to the shift and pencil them in without confirming, nor offering the shift. 

Offer: send the offer for the shift 

Confirm: confirm the crew member working the shift 

Confirm Message: send a confirmation Message to the crew member working the shift. 


Activates automatic scheduling instantly. 

Another way in which you can edit shifts within the CrewCard app is by accessing the Job Details page. On the Home page, press the arrow within the blue tab, located on the far right of each job.

This will take you to the Job Details page of that job. Here, select the checkbox of the activity listed.

This will result in a banner at the bottom of the screen labelled ‘Edit’ to present.

Click on it to be taken to the quick edit page of the shift selected.