Common Issues with Crew App

Unable to Login to CrewCard App

Confirm your credentials to ensure you’re using the correct login information. Verify that all keys on your keypad are functioning properly.

Double-check your username and password for accuracy and watch out for any typos.

If issues persist, attempt to resolve them by restarting the CrewCard app. Close and reopen the application you’re trying to access, as this may resolve any underlying issues.

If none of the above steps resolve the problem, consider resetting your password. Ensure that the new password you set is both secure and unique.

If you continue to experience difficulties logging in, don’t hesitate to reach out to support for assistance.

Not Receiving Notifications iOS

For iOS devices, ensure that the toggle for “Allow Notifications” is activated.

If you are still having troubles, here are some links to assist you:

5 ways to fix iPhone notifications when you’re not receiving them

Not Receiving Notifications Android

If you are using an Android device chances are that the notification in your phone setting have been switched of for the CrewCard app. To turn them on navigate to Settings, then Apps, then CrewCard App. Select “Notifications” and make sure that the toggle for “Allow Notifications” is enabled.

If that doesn’t work, here are some links to assist you:

How to Fix Notifications Not Showing up on Android

16 common Android notification problems and how to fix them

Not Being Confirmed to a Shift After Accepting the Offer

First verify that you have a valid mobile number. Although the offer is sent via the app, it’s a requirement to have a valid mobile number.

If you have confirmed that you have a valid mobile number and you are still not confirmed to a shift, it’s possible that someone has accepted the offer first and it is confirmed to the shift.

Unable to Check In to A Shift

There could be two reasons why you are unable to check into a shift:

  1. It’s not the scheduled time of your shift. You may not be able to check in because it is before the allocated time of your shift.
  2. You may have selected the incorrect date and time when checking in. Double check that both date and time are correct before checking in.