Auto Scheduler

Auto Scheduler

The CrewCard software features automatic scheduling, through which job offers are automatically sent to the qualified crew, based on Rank, On Call availability and proximity.  Named ‘Auto Scheduler’, this function allows for an effortless and logical self scheduling process that takes the stress out of shift planning and scheduling.


The process is simple. Tick box the shift/shifts on the Job sheet that you wish to auto-schedule. Next, select Scheduler, then Auto.


Fill out the fields presented to filter out undesired crew and place the most desired crew as the first ones to receive your offering. Enter the time frame between each shift offer sent starting from the most desired crew to the least. . Select the means of communication that you wish for the offers to be sent through by, and press Go. 

The first crew member who suits the filtered criteria and ranking will receive the job offer first. Depending on the time frame you have selected in between offer send outs, the next offer will be sent to the second best crew member if the first had not accepted it. This process continues until the offer has been accepted and the shift has been filled.