Message Template & Send SMS

Message Templates enable the Admin User / Duty Manager to save commonly used SMS messages in the system to send to Crew Members. To save a Message Template that you can later send out to Crew Members easily using the Send Message feature, go to Header > Records > Utilities (Column) Msg Templates.

Inside the Message Templates page simply press + Add Message Template then enter a Template Name and the Message content then press Save.

Once this has been done, template SMS messages can easily be sent to Crew Members from the Shifts Page – Header > Jobs > Shifts.

Once you have entered the desired search criteria in the Search Bar at the top of the page, select the shifts on the left of the screen with the Crew members you wish to send the SMS to and then in the Select an Action drop up menu in the footer at the bottom of the screen, select Send message under the Message column.

This will open the Send Message page from where you can either add custom text or select a Message Template and edit the Crew members to receive the SMS and press Send SMS.

Possible uses for Send Message might be to check the upcoming availability of bulk staff, request them to complete their timesheets or anything that might assist you in the running of your business.