Easily Manage Site Inductions

Easily Manage Site Inductions for Staff using CrewCard

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Managing site inductions for staff has never been easier than with CrewCard.

CrewCard has created a simple method to allow your staff to upload their inductions directly into the app to save operations managers from needing to micro-manage this process.

In a nutshell, the process is as follows:

  1. Staff receives a notification to complete site induction
  2. Staff accesses the induction and uploads it
  3. The induction is shared with managers
  4. Managers can email a copy of all site inductions for the job


Each Job Sheet in the Admin Portal has an Inductions section where you can create and edit required inductions for the job.

There is also an Inductions page where these can be managed.

Most inductions are websites these days that your Crew Members need to visit to complete their online induction and then either screenshot or save the proof of completion.

Add the URL of the required induction and set the parameters for your staff induction. From this point CrewCard will handle the induction process with your staff. This will alert your staff by in app notification of the requirement to complete the induction and will remind them at periodic intervals to complete the induction.

Once the staff have completed and uploaded the induction, their Crew Pass will register as complete and the details will be accessible in the Admin Portal as well as the CrewCard App for staff, Admin, Clients and Supervisors. 

Better still, managers using the CrewCard App in Client access are able to easily email all the induction certificates from their job by simply using the Documents page, entering the desired email address and pressing Email Documents. In this way, a manager can self-email all required proofs of induction in a matter of seconds obviating the need to go back and forth, over and over again, with operations managers to chase up these vital documents.


Please contact CrewCard support with preferred timings of induction reminders for staff. In addition to the reminder sent when staff are first assigned an induction, options are for hourly reminders, or a reminder every 6 hours, every 12 hours or every 24 hours.


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