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CrewCard automatically opens to the Home Page. The default home page displays the jobs page. However, you can change this to a Calendar view or Events view, this change is done through the Admin Settings please read 10.1.6 Ops Home Configuration guide for guidance.


This page displays Job Sheets, Quotes and Invoices for jobs based on the week they are booked, new jobs in the system automatically show here. The default week is Monday to Sunday, if you would like to alter this please contact

Colour Code description is explained on the info icon next to the left of Actions tab, which is on the right of your screen.

Colour Codes for Invoices/ Quotes:

RedInvoice or Quote have NOT been sent to the Client.
GreenInvoice or Quote has been sent to the Clients.
GreyThis means the Quote has  been approved by the Client.

The system assigns a Job Number to each Job Sheet automatically. Once a Job Sheet has been added, the Quote and the Invoice are automatically created. The corresponding Quote and Invoice share the same Job Number. A job with “+” next to it means it spans more than one pay week.

 Colour Codes for JobSheets:

RedNo Shifts have been confirmed.
BlueSome or All Shifts confirmed.
GreenSome shifts are locked but there are still unlocked shifts in the job.
GreyAll shifts have been locked.
Blue Background HighlightThe Job sheet is admin locked.
Yellow Background HighlightThe shifts within the job sheet have been highlighted.

Client Name Orange Shading
The job is booked via the client portal.

In the columns, you can see the following:

Clients: The name of the client for whom the job is booked for

Business: The job relates to the business within your system

Job Sheet: Click the square you are wanting to open and it will take you to the related job sheet to view or edit, for more information please read guide 7.1 Jobs Sheets

Job No: CrewCard automatically creates a 3 digit Job No. If you wish to be able to overdrive the Job No this can be done in the admin settings, please read guide 10.1.6 Ops Home Configuration. If turned on, click the field and start typing a new Job No.

Description: Click the field and start typing the description of the job, this can be entered at the time the job is created or can be edited here

Invoice: Click the square you are wanting to open and it will take you to view and update the invoice for the job, see guide 12.2.6 Updating Invoices for more information about this page.



The Calendar page is a useful tool in the CrewCard. All jobs are plotted in a calendar interface where you can view important details of a job in one glance. To learn about the Calendar, please see guide 4.4.


Working on the Events page is a different way of entering jobs, paying staff and charging clients. The layout of the page shows an overview of all jobs in colour coordination based by the day. Please view guide 4.7 to learn more.