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The following settings enable the user to customise CrewCard to meet their unique needs. Admin settings is only accessible for the admin of the account, as they have the ability to make set changes. To access, click Superuser in the top right-hand corner.

A drop-down menu will appear. Click Settings.

This will take you to all settings. View the menu bar on the left and click Admin Settings.

NOTE: When making updates to a setting, press ‘save’ which is located at the bottom of the page.

10.1.1 Accounts Details (for Invoices)

Below is an example invoice using the following settings to set up the company’s account details.

Payment Terms: X amount of days can be set for invoices which will appear as “Payment Terms: 7 days from date of invoice.”

Payment Grace Period: “X” amount of days after sent date before the interest is charged.

Percentage Interest: Interest rate can be set here (per annum).

Management Tax: Select to apply management tax by default.

There are 2 options for adding a Management Tax (or any extra charge) to tax invoices as either a percentage (%) or a flat amount, even if you do not select a Management tax amount in global settings. When you open a Tax Invoice (Ops Home > [any Invoice number]) at the bottom right-hand side of the invoice, click the “Apply Management Tax” checkbox (it will be whatever name you enter in the global settings page) and enter the amount % or flat rate to add to the invoice.

For Example: If you wish to add a Credit Card Surcharge to your Tax Invoices, you could change the Management Tax Name to Credit Card Surcharge in global settings. Even if the checkbox in global settings for management tax is not selected, when you open the Tax Invoice you can tick the checkbox at the bottom right-hand side, enter the amount of the surcharge and Send Invoice.

Management Tax Name: Name of Management Tax can be assigned here, i.e: Credit Card Surcharge

Management Tax Amount: Enter the amount you wish to charge extra on all tax invoices. If you add a % after the amount, the amount charged will be a percentage. If you do not include the % then the amount charged will be a flat rate. Include a negative sign “-” before the amount and it will deduct this amount from the invoice.

Merchant Fee: Select to apply merchant fee by default

Merchant Fee Name: Name of fee to be used throughout software

Merchant Fee Amount: Amount of fee to be applied (include % sign to use a percentage of invoice total)

Extra GST: Default (10%)

Accounts Email Address: Enter the email of the person responsible for the accounts in your company. 

Bank Name: Enter company’s bank name

Business Account Name: Enter company’s account name

Business Account Number: Enter company’s account number

BSB: Enter company’s BSB number

Bank Country Code: This code is for international transfers, enter the code if relevant

Add Bank Details to Invoice: Tick box to show bank details on invoice

Transaction Description Code: To export ABA files

Bank Abbreviation: If your bank has a shortened name, enter it here

APCA Number: Enter your number for Direct Debit payments

Invoice Code: a significant code can be given to appear in every single invoice

From Address: “From Email Address” for quotes and invoices

Reply Address: “Reply Email Address” for quotes and invoices

10.1.2 Administrator User Login Details

Admin username and password can be edited here:

10.1.3 Company Details

Use this section to enter your company details for the website. This will replace the default text in the software.

Company Name: Enter your company’s name 

Company ABN: Enter your company’s ABN

Street: Enter the office street

Suburb: Enter the office suburb 

State: Enter the state the office is located in 

Postcode: Enter the office postcode 

Email Address: Enter the company’s main email address

Phone: Enter the contact number for the company

Fax: Enter the company’s fax number

Mobile: Enter the company’s mobile number

Contact Person: Enter the point of contact within the company 

Contact No.: Enter the contact person’s number

Contact Email: Enter the contact’s person’s email

The following settings will be display at the bottom of the page. 

Footer Email Address: Enter a contact email address

Footer Website Address: Enter your company’s website

Term of Use Url: Link here your Terms of Use policy

Privacy Policy Url: Link here your policy

To change the logo:
1. Navigate to Logo
2. Click Choose File and upload your image file from your computer.
Tip: For best results – please use image format JPEG/GIF/PNG/TIFF/EPS to upload.

This will change the following image in the software:

To change the Background Image on the Login/Sign Up page:
1. Navigate to Background Image
2. Click Choose File and upload your image file from your computer
Tip: For best results – image dimension should be 4000×1400. Upload image formats JPEG/GIF/PNG/TIFF/EPS.

This will change the background image on the login and sign-up:

To change the Profile Icon:
1. Navigate to Profile Icon
2. Click Choose File and upload your image file from your computer. Tip: For best results – Upload image formats JPEG/GIF/PNG/TIFF/EPS.

This will change the following image in the software:


Help Text: Write the text for the pop-out windows users will see when they click the question mark. Please below the example.

Header Colour Code: Enter known colour code, it will change header colour

Footer Colour Code: Enter known colour code, it will change footer colour

Site Name: Name of the company

Website Tagline: A brief catchy slogan for your company.

Email Tagline: The slogan that goes out on every email.

Important Note: In settings page “Site Name” punctuation is NOT to be used, as this will cause error for crews when receiving emails.

FAQ: Why I am not receiving emails after locked-off shift, even when I setup different emails for crew online lock off email alerts?

Please check the following:

  • Sent the businesses a “crew online lock off” email
  • The crew name is not in the section “Crew that CANNOT accept Shifts in their “Crew Area””
  • ‘Site Name’ punctuation is not used
  • Make sure to ‘Save Configuration’ before exit

10.1.4 Duty Manager Group

Admin has the ability to assign crew/staff as duty managers with access to different parts of the system. There are 3 different groups you are able to create with different access levels. 

Tip: The crew/manager login will only access to the selected function from the Duty Manager Access list.

Note: Group 1 has the ability to access global settings.

Once the crew is selected to have duty manager access, their login details is the same as their crew login. When crew need to login as duty manager, select “Duty Manager” user type on the login page. When crew need to access as a crew member, crew need to logout and login again as ‘crew’ user type. When admin makes changes to the duty manager access, it displays in shift history:

Note: There are some functions only accessible by admin.

10.1.6 Ops Home Configuration

Enable Quotes: If ticked, the quotes column will appear on the jobs page. If not, the quote column on the jobs page will be removed.

Enable Invoices: Invoices can be viewed or taken out.

Show Staff per shift on Quotes and Invoices: This will show the crew who worked on the job on the invoice and the quote that is sent to the client.

Show In-house Client Reference Numbers: Shows client numbers assigned by CrewCard.

Use In-house Client Reference Numbers: Job Sheet, Invoice and Quote have default numbers. Tick to display ‘In-house Client Reference Numbers’ instead of ‘Default Reference Numbers’. Short names for clients (entered in Client Profile page) followed by automatically assigned job sheet/invoice number for each job sheet created.

Home Page: Custom home view. Please see guide 2.2

Group Shifts on Job Sheet, Shift Edit, and Staff View: On CrewCard there are three pages Job Sheets, Shift Edit and Staff View. You can group shifts on these pages by shift, date or activity. 

10.1.7 Payroll Configuration

Order Payroll by: All crew in payroll page can be organised by their first name first or last name first.
Display and Export Payroll according to: Either exports according to shift date or payroll approved dates.

10.1.8 Shifts Page Configuration

Activities Hidden from Shifts Page: Group activities you would like to hide from shifts page. You can still book these activities on jobs page. Use the ‘>>’ arrows to move the activity from each group.

10.1.9 Terms and Conditions

Client Terms, Crew Terms, Manager Terms, Admin Terms and Duty Manager are custom files that allows you to add your company terms for each of the user types. This will come up for users who are the logging into the system for the first time, which they are required to accept.

Through the admin settings, click Terms & Conditions and use the text box to enter your own Terns and Conditions. 

There are two tick boxes that can be turned on and off below the text box. 

Reset Terms Accepted: When the box is ticked, client/crew must reaccept the terms and conditions before entering. When you update your terms and conditions, it is important to click this so that crew and clients will be informed about it. 

CrewCard App Look: Depending of what is entered in the text box it will come up on the app like the following screen shot.

10.1.10 Privacy Policy

Staff, Manager, Admin, Duty Manager Privacy policy can be edited here.

10.1.11 User Action Reporting

The following can be switched on and off by a tick box:

  • Hide Reason on Shift Delete
  • Hide Reason on Rank Change
  • Show Staff Notes in Client Access
  • Hide Export Admin Summary from Managers
  • Send email to admin when crew rank is updated
  • Admin email address for crew rank, disabled/enabled crew and deleted shifts

10.1.12 Two -Step Authentication
If you wish to have a two-step authentication, please email