A client profile has the following fields.

Client Details: Enter client’s details

App Access: Create a login for the client and press ‘Invite’ to email their details

Address: Office address

Billing Address: Enter address if different to office address

Account Details: The contact for anything accounts-related

Primary Booking: The contact who manages booking

Online Booking: Tick box on/off to allow client to make their own booking

Email Templates: Edit clients own email template based of CrewCard template

Invite Contracts: Invite client to sign a contract

Crew Groups: If need to assign crew

Business Association: If need to assign the client to business/es

Additional Information:  Please go to settings to edit, see guide 4.7.7

Clients Discounts: Please see guide 6.5

Client Venues: Venues for the clients

Press ‘Save Details’ at the bottom of the page.

9.2.1 ABN Check

ABN can be set to be a mandatory or optional field in the client profile. Please email support@personnelmanager.com.au. Once activated, the check ABN button will be activated and can be used to check the ABN details of a company. Enter the ABN on the provided field and click ABN Check. If the ABN is invalid, a warning message will appear.

The name of the company will appear. You can select accept or cancel

9.2.2 App Update

If the client’s login details have been changed or the client is unable to log into the app, the details will need to be updated. On the client profile overview, press update app, and this will refresh their login details.

When adding clients and/or supervisors to the system, if you attempt to register a client or supervisor that shares the same number as one that already exists, an alert will pop up on the screen. You will not be able to register the client and/or supervisor. 


9.2.3 Client Discount

Associated Discount

Select Associated Discount if you want specific client to have a default discount. Discount can be created in discount page.

Apply GST

To apply GST to an Invoice for a specific Client, Tick Apply GST checkbox.

Default Attach PDF on Invoice

To simplify the process of attaching a PDF file to an invoice, CrewCard provides an option to set a default PDF attachment for certain clients. To do this, go to the client’s profile and select the “Attach PDF to Invoice” checkbox. 

This setting will make the attached PDF the default attachment for all future invoices sent to that client. By enabling this option, the admin will no longer need to manually select the PDF attachment each time they create an invoice for that particular client.