Job Sheet contains all shifts within the one job sheet number, where job details can be added and edited. Admin can group shifts on the Job Sheets page by shift, date or activity, which is located in Admin Settings. See guide 10.1.6 Ops Home Configuration for more information. You can open job sheets from the jobs home page and shifts page.

Job page: click the job sheet number you wish to open.

Shift: click the pencil icon next to the shift you wish to open in the job sheet.

The below image is what a job sheet looks like.

On the job sheet, assigning or editing a supervisor may also be possible by selecting the On-site Contact Name.

You may either select an existing supervisor from the dropdown list or add a new contact by selecting the + icon.

Exploring the Job Sheet:

The job sheet has many different functions. This guide will help break down the different functions step by step to make sure you have a better understanding.

Job sheet description allows you to add a description for the job.

Job Sheet Number: When selected in Admin Settings by ticking the box “Use In-house Client Reference Numbers”, CC displays ‘In-house Client Reference Numbers’ instead of ‘Default Reference Numbers’ on Job Sheets, Invoices, and Quotes. Then any number or name can be given to Job Sheets “manually”.

Import Template:

Working with TEMPLATES: On any job sheet, it is possible to save a template. This can later be opened to recreate a previously existing job sheet with new dates to save you the effort of entering all the information into a new job sheet each time.

See User Guide 6.2.5 Job Template for creating a Save Job Template.

Import template allows you to import the shifts with a new start date and all other details the same as  from the saved Job templates. To import a template, open a jobsheet in the jobs page.

In the job Sheet page, Click the Import Template.

Import Template pop up will appear, select the template and the first date.

Once the template and first date has been selected, Click import button.

The shifts from the Save Job Template will be added to the Job Sheet.

For Example: if the saved job sheet had 3 shifts on the 12th of January and if 13th of March has been entered as the “First Day”, then CrewCard creates the new job sheet with full details (Times, venue, activities…) of 3 shifts on the 13th

Tags: Tags are useful when it comes to visually categorising job sheets on the Job page. Click “Tags” button, a drop-down list appears, click “Add New Tag”, click Save at the bottom of the job sheet page. Once created, all tags will appear in the drop-down list under “Tags”, where they can be selected or deselected. Selected Tag will appear on the Ops Home page and can help to categorise different job sheets. For example, a tag named “Xmas” can be created and all job sheets related to Christmas can be tagged for an easy view on the jobs page.

Select Team Leader: This allows you to select a crew member who is on a team leader level to be a team leader for the overall job sheet, and allow them access to view the job sheets.


If a shift has been saved with a crew member assigned to it and you press CONFIRM for that particular shift, the SMS page will bring up the ‘confirmed’ message for the selected shift to be sent to the crew member once more.

If numerous shifts have been selected then all the SMS’s will be brought up with their respective ‘confirmed’ messages. This message can be modified or completely deleted and a new message can be entered manually.

The message will appear: ‘Confirmed: “Date”, “Time On” (Minus 15 mins) until, “Time Off” approx, at “Venue”, “Meeting Place Address”, “Client”, “Onsite Contact Name”, “Onsite Contact Mobile”, cheers’

For example, the SMS will appear like this:Confirmed: Fri 25-05, 08:15am – 11:30am approx, at Opera House, Stage Door, SHS, Dave Neil, 0412968412, cheers’

Tip: When you can’t find crew or Staff for a shift or job, please make sure to check that:

  • Activity is assigned
  • Crew/Staff is assigned to the correct business
  • Crew/Staff Groups
  • Incompatibility (This function makes Crew Members incompatible with certain Clients. This will remove their names from the list of the available crew when issuing shifts out for a particular client, making it impossible to send certain staff to certain clients.)

Operations Notes: When new bookings are created online, clients the option to add special instructions/notes/information that regards the booking. See the Operation Notes section at the bottom of the job sheet page.

Show Shift: Alter how many shifts you will like to see per a job page.

Upload a new file: Required documents are available to attach in the job sheets, Crew members who have shift/s booked within the job sheets can view the attached documents online from the Crew Pages.

To attach, click “Upload File” and provide a name for crew to see, then browse through the computer and select upload.

Add Induction: Select a pre-existing induction in the system or create your own induction that will be allocated this job sheet. The crew will have to see read the induction before commencing the job

Job Sheet Columns

S: This will take you to the scheduler page 

No.: A Shift Number for each shift that is automatically assigned by the database.

Copy: “Copy” Icon appears for each shift, click to open a pop-up dialogue box with the ‘Copies’ Box to enter a number. The number entered in the ‘Copies” Box indicates the amount of time you request to copy this individual shift. Note: “Copy” Icon only works on a single shift, selecting multiple shifts will not copy all shifts at the same time. Make sure to check the shift number on the pop-up dialogue box when copying shifts.

Lock: When shift is locked, a ‘Padlock’ Icon will appear in the Lock column (See “Lock Shifts” under “Dashboard”/“Job Sheets Page” for more info)

Date: To enter date format as DD-MM-YY.
Shift row date has defaulted to Sunday of the current week.


  • Always check for the correct month at the beginning/end of month as the date may default to the previous or following month.
  • Always check for the correct date after entering either 24:00 or 00:00 to make sure that it has not been changed to the intended day

Once “Save” is clicked, the day of the week will appear to the left of the date.

Time On: This must be entered in 24 hour format e.g. 00:00, 14:00, The “:” (Colon) can be substituted for a “.” (Full stop), so to enter 03:30 you can simply type 3.3

Tip: For 15:00 you can simply type 15 and press Tab. 00:00 refers to midnight at the very start of the day. 24:00 refers to midnight at the very end of the day.
If you type 24:00 for a Monday, the database will automatically translate it to 00:00 on Tuesday.

Time Off: Time Off has the same format as Time On.
If a shift commences on one day and finishes on another, you can enter the finish time in either day’s time.
E.g. If a shift commences at 22:00 pm on Mon 02-04-17 and finishes at 02:00 am on Tue 03-04-17, then you can enter either 22 or 2 as finish time and the database will correct the finish time to 02:00 am.

Hrs: The total working hours excluding break times.

Rate, Paid and Charge: Rates are assigned by adding/editing an activity in the Activities Page. (See “Activities Page” for more info). Pay Rates and Charged Rates can be entered under the “Activities” tab. “Paid” is the rate pay to the staff hourly for conducting the activity in the scheduled time period. “Charge” is the rate the client will be invoiced for this particular shift. In the Global Settings page, when “Hide Pay and Charge Columns” is switched to “Yes”, the ‘Paid’ and “Charge” rates will not appear in the job sheet.

Pay Date: The scheduled date to pay

Extra: Add extra charge to the shift, this will not appear on the job sheet

BTT (Break Times Total): Indicates the total amount of break times per shift. To view break times, click on the “Paper-Pencil” Icon next to the BTT column, the pop-up window opens with break details that the crew members entered via SMS whilst locking their shifts. Admin user has the option to edit breaks manually by entering start and end times. Please note that Admin users override crew breaks.

Note: Admin has the ability to delete break times submitted by crew, or any other breaks that has entered previously.

Click the break edit icon, then click on red delete icon on the break pop-up window.

TS: Time sheet. Click on the clock to open the timesheet for the crew, where you can edit the time and break, and lock the timesheet.

Crew Name: Crew members are available to select from the arrow drop-down list or by entering names to bring up matching results. The drop-down list will be empty when no crew members are added from the “crew” page.

The KM above the upper right side of the staff name field stands for Kilometres which is the distance in kilometres from the venue to the crew address.

Note that venue and crew address should be correct for the feature to work.

  • When a crew member has been booked on another shift, their name will be in red and an asterisk “*” will appear next to it
  • When a crew member has made an unavailability for a shift from the crew page, their name will be in red and a hash (#) will appear next to it

When a shift is sent to a crew via SMS, crew member replies “yes”, confirmation SMS is sent and the crew name will automatically appear in the crew name box. See “Offering Shifts and Confirming Crew” under “Job Sheet Page/ Edit Page” for more info.

Crew names can be entered manually to send a confirmation SMS. Once confirmation SMS is sent, the crew name appears in black. It is optional to enter a crew name and save for the shifts without sending a Confirmation SMS (name will appear in blue). Name can be also be entered and sent an “Offer Shift” message (name will appear in green, until crew replies ‘yes’ to it, then it changes to black).

In the global page, there is a feature called “Permit Crew Member Unavailability to be Viewed by a 3rd Party”. If this feature is switched on, the bookings/unavailability information for crew members will be “shared” by other subscribers to the CrewCard software.

Message: Message column display the status of Incoming/Outgoing SMS Messages

  • B = Basic Send which was not associated with a Job
  • C = Confirmed SMS
  • M = Multi SMS
  • S = Single SMS
  • L = Linked SMS
  • Co = Connected SMS
  • I = Incoming SMS
  • A = After Hours Reminder
  • N = Next Day Reminder
  • OA = Onsite Contact After Hours Reminder
  • ON = Onsite Contact Next Day Reminder
  • Lo = Loser Multi Shift Message

Activity: Activity must be entered/selected from the drop-down list. The list contains all pre-entered activities from the activities/rates page. The selected activity will automatically be adjusted to the pre-set rate for the shift.
Example: Rate A – (amount a person earns per hour between the hours of 08:00 and 20:00) and Rate B – (amount a person earns between 20:00 and 08:00)

Ability: Select the crew ability from the drop-down list

Access Level:

Venue: Details of the location that crew members will meet for the shift to commence. When typing names in the venue text box, the search function will also generate any matching venue names which will appear in a drop-down list for selection. If the venue name does not appear in the drop-down list, it means it is not in the system. Add the venue by clicking the plus button. A pop-out window will open for you to fill out. 

Room: Room is the specific detail of the venue location. You have the option to add/select from the drop-down list, or click on the Green ‘+’ Icon to add. Rooms are also available to be edited/deleted in the venues tab. When room detail is added, the information is sent in outgoing emails to crew and in job details on crew’s personal pages.

Meeting Place/ Address: Once the location is added in the details in a drop-down list, it will help speed up the process for the similar shift. The meeting details are also sent in the SMS messages to crew. To add a new meeting place, click on the “map” icon to bring up a pop-up map window, then click on “Add New” and type in location name/details, then move and drop the pin to the accurate point on the map then press “Add”. (For more info see “venues” tab) Tip: Meeting points can be edited in venues tab.

Onsite Contact: Onsite contacts are available to add by clicking “+” icon next to the drop-down list. Please include the area code and omit spaces when typing in the contact numbers of the onsite contact person. Added contacts will be retained in the CrewCard system for future use, the list will be available to select when editing job sheet, and all contacts are available to view/edit/delete on Client Profile Pages. (For more info, see “Clients” tab)

PO No.: PO number is optional to add for reference which also appears on the invoice.

Notes for Staff (Client editable): Admin or clients can add notes in this box. Notes are included in SMS messages sent to crew and available to view on crew pages.

Example: “Outdoor job, bring water”

Note for Staff (Ops Section): Admin can add notes in this box and be hidden from clients. Notes are included in SMS messages sent to crew and available to view on crew pages.

App Checklist:

Message Reminders: Tick ‘Messages Reminder’ to sent a reminder SMS to the confirmed crew members.

Example: You can select an SMS Reminder sent to your staff with the details of their shift at 16:00 one day before their shift. SMS Reminder 2 can be selected for (X) minutes before the commencement of shift.

Example: You can select a secondary SMS Reminder sent to your staff with the details of their shift at 30 minutes before the shift commencement on 10:00.

TIP: In the global page, SMS Reminder can be switched on or off.

Update Rates: The rates may not be updated if crew members have different rates and swapped shifts. Prior to processing payroll/timesheets, the rate is available to change in “Update Rates” feature in the shifts page.

Update Breaks: Same as “Update Rates” feature, breaks is available to edit prior to processing payroll.


Tick the box next to one or more shifts, then use the action bar in the footer to perform the following actions:

Deleted Shifts: The selected shifts will be deleted without a message sent to crew.

Cancel / Remove:

In the jobs page, select a Job sheet where you want a Crew Member to be cancelled from a shift without deleting it.

In the job sheet page, Tick a checkbox or select a shift that you wish to cancel a Crew Member from. At the bottom left part of the page, click the cancel button.

Select Cancel or Remove and you will be directed to the cancel message template page.

Scroll down at the bottom part of the page. Automatically the app checkbox is already ticked. To notify the crew by SMS, tick SMS checkbox and And to notify via email, tick email checkbox. Click Send Message, Cancel & Remove Shifts(s) to  notify the Crew Member of their shift cancellation by SMS, email and in-app notification in their CrewCard App. 

Alternately, select the Cancel / Delete option which simultaneously notifies the Crew Member of the cancellation and deletes the shift. 

Time Change: This feature is available when time or date has changed. When shift time/date has updated, click on the “Time Change Button” to open a new window with an SMS message ready to send to affected crew member to advise changed information, and requests crew to reply confirm/accept the changes. The status of the changes displays as followings:

  • Crew Name appears as green on the Shift Page, ‘S’ (sent) in ‘message’ column also indicates a message has been sent.
  • Crew Name appears as black when crew member/s has confirmed and accepted.
  • Crew Name appears as red to indicate crew has denied the changes and ‘D’ (Denied) also appears in message column.

Scheduler/Auto: Please see guide 4.3

Offer Message:

This option is used when sending out ‘shift offer messages’ to staff members. Click and a page called ‘MultiSMS’ opens up, which allows you to offer shift/s to multiple staff members. The default SMS appears in the text box (editable and customisable in global settings) with another box with the list of crews that are assigned to the activity.

In this list, crew members have an asterisk (*) next to their name indicates that they are booked at that time, or a hash symbol (#) next to their name which indicates they entered their unavailability. Any other crew members are available for shifts.

Offer Same: The ‘same crew’ SMS feature works in two ways.

1. You can book multiple people on several shifts, with a view to keep consistent staff booked on those shifts, provided you select an equal number of shifts on each occasion. For example, if on the shifts page you had four shifts for four people from 8am to 12pm and you needed the same four people to return on four subsequent shifts, perhaps that evening from 8pm to 11pm, you would have to select all eight shifts (it has to be an even number of both to work, four morning shifts and four evening shifts) and choose “Message Same Crew Shifts” in the “Select an Action” drop down list or press the edit (pencil icon) to enter the Shift Edit Page, then leave the Crew Member name blank, press “Offer Shift Same Crew”. This will bring up the default SMS (customisable and editable) and a crew list of available crew for that activity. Once again, crew that are already booked in all time slots will have an asterisk * next to their name and those that have entered their own unavailability will have a hash # next to their name. In this same crew SMS mode, if a Crew Member is already booked for one but not all of the shifts, a *+ will appear next their name and if they have made themselves unavailable for one but not all of the shifts, a #+ will appear next to their name. The message will create one shift number for both (or all shifts) but will offer crew both shifts in the same message. Depending on how you have set the default settings for the same crew SMS message in global settings, the message you’ve sent may look like this:

[715] Can you do 2 shifts, Sun 05-07, 07:45am – 12:00pm & Sun 05-07, 20:00pm – 23:00pm approx., at Cronulla Beach ? Client – X Productions. Reply 715Y for YES, 715N for NO. Await Confirmation.

The crew members are accepting both shifts by replying with 715Y. With this function, it would be possible to select all eight shifts (four in the morning and four in the evening) and send this message to eight or ten or twelve crew members (however many you think necessary to get the job filled). Once again, the system will wait the predetermined length of time that you have programmed into it; the first four of the highest ranking to reply in the affirmative will be awarded the job and will receive the confirmation messages. Those who missed out will receive the declined message to inform them that they will not be needed and to standby for more shifts. Once again, on the shifts page, it will be possible to see which shifts have been sent out using the ‘Offer Shifts Same Crew’ feature. In the shifts, under the SMS field, it will show SC “?” and the shift number created by the system for these shifts, which is, in this example, SC (715). There will be “?” next to the SC (715) of the first of these ‘linked’ shifts. When the “?” icon is clicked, a list will open of all the crew you sent the ‘same crew SMS message’ to, including the time the message was sent. As you refresh the page you will see Y and N appear after the names of the Crew Members that have responded yes or no to the shifts and the times they responded.

2. The second way that the “Message Same Crew Shifts” can work is offering multiple shifts (under different clients and job sheets) to one crew member, for example an entire week or fortnight’s work. In the shifts page, you need to select all the shifts that you wish to offer to the one crew member, and press the edit (pencil icon) to open the shift edit page. Press the “Offer Shift Same Crew” button, select the crew member you wish to offer the shifts to from the crew list and press “Send SMS”. The content of the SMS will say how many shifts are being offered along with dates, times and locations.

Offer Multi: The ‘Multi Roster Message’ option works the same way as the Message Same Crew Shifts.
Message Multi Roster Shifts allows you to offer several shifts in one SMS/Email to a staff member/s. If they accept the shifts offered, they receive a confirmation SMS with the details of all their shifts in one SMS/Email.
On the shifts Page, at the bottom of the screen under “Select an Action”, and in the shift edit page and the job sheets pages, there is the option “Message Multi Roster Shifts”. This feature allows you to offer multiple shifts to a crew member or several crew members in a single message (SMS/Email) per crew member. The crew member/s only need to reply with a single SMS accept to be confirmed for all shifts.

For example: You could create an entire roster for the following week, select all the shifts you want in the shifts page, scroll down the bottom of the page, under “Select an Action”, select the “Message Multi Roster Shifts”. All shifts will be presented in SMS/format to the staff to accept the shifts in one go. When the crew members accept the shifts, they will automatically be sent confirm multi messages (after the predetermined length of time that is customisable in global settings under “SMS Incoming Configuration”, after “Incoming SMS Accept Shifts Interval”).

Confirm Shift: By selecting shift/s and clicking this option, you simply make a crew member/s confirmed for a shift without sending them a Confirmation Message. Their name will appear black on the shifts Page with a C next to it (under the SMS field) which indicates they have confirmed.

Confirm Message: This will send a confirmation message to the crew who is booked for the shift

Confirm Multi: Confirm multiple shift with the same crew 

Lock: Shifts must be locked with the correct times in order to be processed by payroll. Once the start/finish/break times are correct, shifts can be locked using this option from the drop down menu. Once locked, a padlock icon will appear next to the locked shift.

Admin Lock:  Shifts must be locked with the correct times in order to be processed by payroll. Once the start/finish/break times are ensured correct, shifts can be locked using this option from the drop-down menu. Once locked, a padlock icon with the word ‘ADMIN’ under it will appear next to each shift/s. Admin locked shifts can only be unlocked by ‘ADMIN’ users.

Payroll Lock: The job is locked for payroll the time sheet will be sent to be paid

Unlock: This option reverses the locked or admin locked actions.

Copy Shift (s): The selected shifts will be copied

Deleted Shift (s): The selected shifts will be deleted

Message Cancel & Delete Shift (s): Delete/cancel shift and a message will be sent to the crew member to notify them

Message Notify Staff of Change: The change in the selected shift will be sent to the crew

Message Notify Staff of Change: The change in the selected shift will be sent to the crew

Highlight Shift(s): Highlight the shift, this reminds you to make changes to it

Remove Shift(s) Highlighting: This removes the highlight from the shift.

Add Job Sheet

If you wish to open a blank job shit for a client click Add New Job Sheet. This will open up a blank job sheet for the client.

Qty: Refers to the quantity of shifts, the number in the box will be the amount of times this same shift will be duplicated once you click “Save”.
Example: You have 10 people working on this shift, therefore you type 10 in the box, and the row will be duplicated 10 times.

TIP: Pressing ‘tab’ will advance you to the next field. Pressing ‘shift + tab’ will take you back to the previous one.