The Events page displays a list of current events by date and day. This page can be set as the default home page.

Bookings or job sheets here are known as “Events”. All bookings are displayed by event on the main Events Page, rather than by each shift (staff) on the Shifts Page.

Creating job sheets (events) on this page also gives you quick access to two additional components: “Equipment” and “Consumables”, which can be added or edited on the go. Using the Events Page would be most efficient if each event is entered by your office staff (as opposed to Clients making bookings online every day) and, if your invoices include a combination of an hourly rate for staff, consumable items, and equipment hire.

There are three pages within this page: Events, Booking and Quote.

The events are colour coded by day, and the columns are categorised by key:

Business: The name of the business/location that the job is booked for.

From/Until: Click the field to display a calendar and select the time frame in which you would like to view the events.

Notes: Anything that’s entered in the “Booking Notes” text box, in either Booking or Quote tab, appears here.

Using the search bar, events can be narrowed down by client, date or job number. A combination of multiple search filters can also be used by entering the data and clicking the “Search” button. Click the “Reset” button to reset the advanced search bar entries and bring the events to view back to today.

Creating A New Event: 

Click “Add Event” or “Booking” which will open a small window.

Fill out the fields and click create.

This will create a new booking/event. This will then take you to the quoting page.

‘Job No.’ is automatically assigned by CrewCard. This can be edited with numbers or text.

Booking Notes: Any notes related to the event can be entered here.

Staff Required: All staff requirements can be viewed and edited on this part of the page. More staff can be added by clicking “Add Staff”.

Equipment: Click “Add Equipment” then enter a quantity, which will multiply the amount that’s entered under “Charge”.

Consumables:  Add a description of the charge, date (optional), quantity, and the charge, which will be multiplied by the quantity. 

The numbers entered are able to be in whole, or decimal form for both equipment and consumables. 

Make sure to click “Save Information” after making any changes.

Invoices can be connected to MYOB, please contact for more information. Costs apply.

To edit, double click the event to open.

To perform an advanced search, use the client bar, date or job number, which narrows down the jobs displayed. Click reset to return to view all.



When the event has been created, double click the event to be taken to the booking page. Here, you can allocate staff, select a venue, write notes for staff and update their rates.

Shifts: Number of shifts

Booked: Confirmed count

Required: Required number 

Whenever an Activity or Category is edited or remapped, it is recommended to update the rates in the Job Sheet, Shift Edit Page or Events Booking Page.

Assigning or editing a supervisor may also be possible by selecting the On-site Contact Name.

A window will pop up where you may input the supervisor’s name. An option to send an Email and SMS invite can also be done. To save the changes, please select Send App Invite.


Tick box one or more shifts. Use the footer options to perform the following actions:

Offer Message: A message will be sent to the crew about the shift

Offer Same: If you have more than one shift with different details and you put those shifts in one offer, that is Offer Same

Offer Multi: Multiple shifts will be sent to the same crew

Confirm Shift: If you know the crew has already confirmed the shift, this will not send a message to them but will confirm that they will be doing the shift

Confirm Message: This will send a confirmation message to the crew who is booked for the shift

Confirm Multi: Confirm multiple shifts the same crew can do

Lock: When a shift is locked, no one is able to make changes to the shifts details

Admin Lock: This is different from the normal lock as only the admin can unlock the job

Payroll Lock: In the Events page>> Booking Tab a lock icon  with letter “P” will be visible once payroll lock has been triggered. Additionally, if Payroll locked is selected you can select or choose which week Pay Period you want the shift/s to be added to.

Unlock: Unlock a shift so the shift can be edited

Export selected Shift (s): The selected shifts will export into an excel sheet

Copy Shift (s): The selected shifts will be copied

Deleted Shift (s): The selected shifts will be deleted

Message Cancel & Delete Shift (s): Delete/cancel shift and a message will be sent to the crew member to notify them

Message Notify Staff of Change: The change in the selected shift will be sent to the crew

Make Unavailable: The shift won’t be available

Admin Lock Shift(s): This is different from the normal lock as only the admin can unlock the shift  

Highlight Shift(s): Highlight the shift. This reminds you to make changes to it

Remove Shift(s) Highlighting: This removes the highlight from the shift