Take collaborating online

CrewCard includes a complete project management module called Projects to allow easy team collaboration in a user-friendly, visual interface stored within the secure environment of your CrewCard Admin Portal.

To access the Projects page, click Records in the header and select Projects under the Logs column.

Click the + Add Projects button top left to create a new Project. Once a Project has been created, open it and start creating tickets by clicking the + Ticket button top left. In this way you can have multiple different Projects for different departments, events or teams, as you require. The tickets within the projects can be allocated to multiple Crew Members. Tickets include the following information: Ticket Name, Owner Name, Owner Email, Activity, Assign To (multiple crew) and Description where the bulk of the project information is added, such as the tasks required to be completed by the staff the ticket has been assigned to.

Below this, the ticket requires a start date and time, deadline date and time and reminder date and time so that each party to the ticket, owner and assignees may be reminded of the work required to be completed by a certain deadline. Once the ticket is completed by the assignee/s, they submit it to be reviewed which notifies the ticket owner to check the Review Column of the Project’s Kanban board of tickets.

Each Project opens to a Kanban board where tickets are displayed in four columns: Plan, Current, Review and Completed. These can be dragged and dropped into place as per the status. When assignees have completed a ticket it is automatically moved from the Current Column to the Review Column. The owner may then review the ticket and decide if the work has been completed properly and then drag it into the Completed column. Alternately, the owner may not be satisfied that the ticket is completed and drag it back to the Current column, which will trigger a new notification to the assignees that they need to work on that ticket again, with new deadline and reminder dates and times to adhere to.

With the increase in remote working, online platforms have become an essential tool for any business to manage their operations and keep offsite team members connected. CrewCard includes its own Project management module, Projects, to reduce the need for multiple softwares and to fulfill our ambition to have every aspect of personnel management under the one platform.

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