How to Add Qualifications


Qualifications are certificates or tickets required by staff to legally perform certain jobs. For example, a Crew Member with the Activity Fork Lift assigned will more than likely require the Qualification Forklift Ticket or LF on their Workcover High Risk Licence Card. Another example is a Truck Driver might need the Qualification Medium Rigid Licence or High Rigid License in order to legally be able to perform their work. Increasingly, vaccination status and tests are being used as Qualifications to enable staff to access certain job sites. Until recently, Qualifications were listed under Compliance but have been moved to their own side menu in Settings for easier navigation.

To create Qualifications in CrewCard / PM, go to Settings and find Qualifications in the side menu. Click the blue text Add Field in the top left of the table and then add a name for the new Qualification in the field labelled Caption.

Select Block Crew to ensure crew are removed from the Crew List into the Blocked Crew list upon expiry of the Qualification or if they do not have an approved Qualification in their Crew Profile. This will prevent you from being able to assign them on shifts until their qualification has been updated and they have been unblocked.

Select Warn to trigger warnings in the Shifts Page and Job Sheets if Crew are booked on shifts without a valid qualification.

Select Required to make the Qualification a required field in their Crew Profile.

Crew and Admin are warned by email 7 days and 1 day before a qualification expires at 16:00pm. Crew can upload qualifications in their Crew Portal and in the CrewCard App. Once this has been done, Admin is notified by email and a Duty Manager or Superuser must visits the Crew Profile and Approve the qualification. 

Now the Crew Member is qualified to be assigned to Shifts.


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