What should I do if my staff report an issue with their CrewCard app?

If your staff report any issues with the CrewCard app, before contacting support, it’s important to perform the following steps to avoid incurring extra charges:

1. Login to the Crew Member’s account and check the issue. If the app works as expected, the issue might be connected to the user or their handset.

                    Figure 1: iOS                                             Figure 2: iOS

                Figure 3: Android                                 Figure 4: Android

2. Advise the user to update their handset operating system to the latest version.

                 Figure 5: iOS                                         Figure 6: Android                    

3. Advise the user to download the latest version of the CrewCard App.

                     Figure 7: iOS 

           Figure 8: Android                                      Figure 9: Android

4. Advise the user to enable location services (iOS & Android) and google location accuracy is on (Android) for the CrewCard App.

                 Figure 10: iOS                                            Figure 11: iOS 

          Figure 12: Android                                 Figure 13: Android                              Figure 14: Android

5. Make sure that the user time settings is set to 24 hours time.

                Figure 15: iOS      

          Figure 16: Android


If the issue persists, please contact and please be sure to clearly explain the issue and attach a video screen recording or screen shots so that our team can rectify.