Add Qualifications to Abilitites

Qualifications added in Settings can be mapped to Abilities

This allows you to filter Shifts or Jobs by Abilities to refine your options to crew who not only are assigned to certain Activities but are also assigned to certain Abilities

Example 1. Activity: Forklift Driver – Qualification: Forklift License – Ability: 1st Aid – Qualification: 1st Aid Certificate

Example 2. Activity: Home Carer – Qualification: Certificate IV in Home Care – Abilities: 1st Aid, Covid Vax – Qualifications: 1st Aid Certificate, Covid Vaccination Certificate.

Go to Contacts > Crew > Crew Abilities page then edit the desired Ability, scroll down to the Qualifications drop down to assign one qualification to the Ability and then click the Save button. It is only possible to add one Qualification per Ability.

Search Crew under Contacts > Crew allows you to search Crew and filter by up to 4 different Activities. You can also export the results of the Search Crew search to an excel document.


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