The scheduler is another way of sending job offers to staff but with added features and functionality. Scheduler allows users to send offers via SMS, Email and by CrewCard mobile application.

Scheduler also allows you to select crew members based on their On-Call Status, Ranking, Proximity to the Job Location and Abilities. You can access Scheduler through the Calendar, Job Sheet and Shift.


Job Sheet:


Two Types of Scheduler

Manual – You have to select the crew from the available list and send the offers to them manually. You can also confirm staff to shifts or pencil them in.

Auto– Sending of job offers is done automatically. Simply enter the number of staff that will be sent offers based on the time you prescribed in the minutes field. You can also specify the ranks of the staff.

Manual Scheduler

To open the manual scheduler click scheduler through the calendar or open it through the job sheet by selecting the shift and click scheduler.

The following page will open.  The warning sign appears on the top of this page Only a maximum of 50 crew should be sent out each time, or else this will overload Scheduler, and the page will be very laggy and slow.

The distance (in KM) here next to the crew name, eg: Scarlet Witch 36.2km, describes the POINT TO POINT distance of the crew to the job site, not the DRIVING distance. 

A list of crew will appear bellow the shift, click Rank, On Call or Proximity to list the staff in order. 

Rank – The list of available crew members will be listed according to their rank.

On Call – Staff who activated their on call status from the Crew Access portal will be on top of the list

Proximity – When this is selected, the crew are listed according to their proximity from their home address to the job location. 

Merge Shifts – You can combine shifts into one using the Merge Shifts button. This means a crew member will only receive one SMS, one Email or one App notification when job offers or job confirmation are sent. Select the shifts that you want to merge and click Go.

NOTE: The difference between the Multi Shift Offer and Merged Shift (Method 3) is that the crew will only receive one offer message the number of shifts. If there are 10 shifts, there will only be 1 SMS, 1 Email and 1 App Notification for the message offer. If you use Multi Shift Offer to send the offer, the crew will receive 10 separate SMS, 10 separate Email and 10 separate App notification for the job offer.

Send Message:

Tick box one or more ways to send the offer to the crew

Tick box the staff you wish to send a message to and use the footer to perform sending the message.


Each shift has three functional buttons that you can use – Pencil, Offer and Confirm

Pencil – When you pencil in staff to a shift, you are just planning to assign that specific crew to that particular shift. Pencil does not mean confirmation. No message is sent to the crew when they are penciled in to a shift.

Offer – Shift is being offer to the crew. Shift offers are sent via SMS, Email or App.

Confirm – Crew is confirmed to a shift and a confirmation message is sent to the crew. Also when the crew is ticked box and you click confirm it will confirm their shift. 

Confirm Message: This will send a confirmation message to the crew who is booked for the shift

Cancel: This will delete the shift

NOTE: When the crew accepted an offer, he/she will be automatically confirmed to the shift.

When offering a shift depending on what way is ticked a message box will appear. A default message will appear that is set in settings please see guide 10.2 General Setting.

App (Single Shift) – First Come First Serve

It means you are only offering one shift to multiple crew. Whoever accepted the offer first will be confirmed to the shift.

App (Multiple Shifts) and SMS

It will follow the accept interval time where it will collect all acceptances and will confirm crew with the highest rank amongst all who accepted the offer.

Multiple shifts means, you are offering 2 or more shifts to crew members.


Shift A 09:00-18:00
Shift B 09-00-18:00

You send Shift A and Shift B to Crew 1, Crew 2, Crew 3, Crew 4, so on and so forth.

The accept interval time in your system is 3 minutes. It means the system will check the highest ranking member 3 minutes after first acceptance.

If crew members have the same rank, it will confirm the crew based on Database ID meaning the crew who was saved and added to the system first.