Crew Pass - Qualifications and Inductions

Crew Pass - Qualifications and Inductions

No more chasing up documents! CrewCard has made it easy for you and your crew to upload qualifications and inductions.

Demand for vaccinated workers adds to the ever increasing burden of compliance for employers. Chasing up staff to provide their vaccination certificates and/or negative COVID test results is time consuming for employers and employees alike. CrewCard prompts your staff to directly upload their COVID-19 vaccination certificates into the app and sends them reminders until they do so. 


CrewCard has developed a feature which allows you to select qualifications your crew need to upload into their CrewCard app such as RSA, forklift, truck licences or COVID-safe and vaccination certificates. CrewCard provides the option to block any non-qualified crew from the active crew list, streamlining the process of assigning shifts. 

Clients and managers can access the CrewCard app to view all staff documents that may be relevant to their jobs including vaccine passports, traditional qualifications and safety inductions. They even have the ability to email all of these documents as attachments very easily.


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