Bulk Delete Clients

If you’re managing clients in CrewCard, you may need to delete multiple clients at once, which is called “bulk deleting.” Doing so can save you time compared to deleting clients one by one. Follow these steps to bulk delete clients in CrewCard:

Log in to your CrewCard account and go to the Clients list page. Use the checkboxes next to each client to select the ones you want to delete or ticket the Select all checkboxes at the bottom part of the page.

And click “Delete” button. Confirm that you want to delete the selected clients.

Remember, bulk deleting clients cannot be reversed, so be sure you want to delete them before proceeding. Also, note that any associated data, such as projects or tasks, will be deleted along with the clients.

In summary, bulk deleting clients in CrewCard is a useful and time-saving feature. However, use it with caution and only delete clients that are no longer necessary.