Add Qualifications to Activities

Qualifications added in Settings can be mapped to Activities

Assign the Qualification or multiple Qualifications to the Activity at the Qualification section after edit the desired Activity on the Activities Page.

Use the Admin menu top right of screen and go to the Activities Page to edit the desired Activity, then scroll down to the Qualifications section and assign the Qualification or multiple Qualifications to the Activity by transferring them from the left window to the right window and then click the Save button. It is possible to add more than one Qualification to each Activity. 

Example: Activity: Rigger – Qualifications Rigging Ticket and Elevated Work Platform Ticket.

Search Crew under Contacts > Crew allows you to search Crew and filter by up to 4 different Activities. You can also export the results of the Search Crew search to an excel document. 

When the qualifications are due for expiry, both Crew Member and Admin are emailed an expiry notification 7 days and 1 day prior to the expiry date at 16:00pm. This will prompt the Crew Member to upload their current qualifications in their Crew Portal. Once they have done this, an email will be sent to Admin to alert them so that a Duty Manager or Superuser may check and approve the uploaded qualificaton/s, thus keeping the Crew Member in the Active Crew List. 

If Block Crew is selected in Qualifications settings, the crew will be added to the Blocked Crew list when their qualifications are no longer valid and it will not be possible to assign an non-qualified staff member to a job.


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