Display or Hide Job Description on the Crew App

The choice of whether to show or hide the job description on the Crew App depends on several factors, such as the job’s characteristics, industry norms, and the preferences of employers and crew members. While making the job description visible improves transparency and streamlines the hiring process, keeping it hidden can provide benefits like preserving confidentiality and facilitating unbiased decision-making.

To activate the Job Description feature on the Job details page of the CrewCard app,Navigate to the General Settings and choose Crew Profile. Then, set the option to “yes” for Displaying Job Description on the CrewCard (Crew) App.

Here are a few sample images showcasing the inclusion of the Job Description on the Job details page of Crew’s CrewCard app.

When the settings are set to “no,” indicating that the job description should be hidden or not displayed, the job description will be hidden from the Job Details section in the Crew’s CrewCard App. This means that crew members using the app will not be able to view the job description for that particular job. The intention is to restrict access to the job description based on the specified settings.