Birthday Reminder and Sending Birthday Greetings

A birthday reminder is a feature incorporated into the crewcard and PM platform, aiming to help users remember and acknowledge individuals’ birthdays. It serves as a valuable tool to avoid forgetting birthdays and ensures timely recognition. This functionality includes two key aspects: 

Sending Birthday Greetings: On the actual day of a crew member’s birthday, the system automatically sends a birthday greeting or message to them, ensuring they receive warm wishes on their special day.

 Admin Notifications: Every Friday, the platform notifies the administrators by providing a list of upcoming Crew Members’ birthdays for the following weeks. This feature ensures that the administrators stay informed in advance, allowing them to prepare and plan for upcoming birthday celebrations.


Overall, the birthday reminder feature in the crewcard and PM platform guarantees that crew members’ birthdays are remembered appropriately, both on their special day and in the upcoming weeks.

To enable the birthday settings, navigate to the general settings, select crew profile and go to settings 90. Enable birthday warning in Crew Profile and 91. Enable crew birthday email:

 90. Enable birthday warning in Crew Profile: By enabling this feature, the system will generate warnings in the crew profile to ensure that Crew Members’ birthdays are not overlooked and can be appropriately acknowledged and celebrated.


91. Enable crew birthday email: This feature should automatically send email greetings to Crew Members on their respective birthdays. By activating this setting, the system will ensure that birthday wishes are delivered to the Crew Members via email, adding a personalized touch to their special day. The Birthday email template can be edited in the Email Template Section >> “ Birthday Email” template name.