Admin Forms

The main objective of this development is to streamline incident investigations. The admin forms are exclusively accessible to the admin and duty manager. They have the authority to carry out multiple actions on the forms, including adding, editing, deleting, and marking them as complete.

To initiate the process, hover your cursor over the record and choose the “Admin Forms” option located within the Utilities column.

To create a new admin form, you can easily click on the “Add Admin Form” button.

To create a customized form, input the title of the admin form and drag elements onto the admin form preview. Enter the required questions within the elements, and when finished, click the save button.

If desired, you can also select the checkbox for “Add to Forms Matrix.” When this feature is enabled, the completed form will be automatically added to the form matrix.

After saving the form, you will see a list of the newly added Admin Forms on this page.

On the Admin Forms page, the admin and duty manager have the ability to edit, delete, and copy an Admin Form by selecting the corresponding action located next to each form.

To access the completed forms, simply click on the “Completed Admin Forms” button.

The Completed Admin Forms page enables you to view a comprehensive list of all completed admin forms. From this page, you can perform various actions such as editing, downloading, and deleting the forms.

To complete an Admin Form, click on the “Complete an Admin Form” button. A pop-up will appear where you can select the desired Admin Form and click the “Complete” button. You will then be directed to the “Complete an Admin Form” page, where you can fill out the form and save it. Once saved, the completed admin form will be listed in the Completed Admin Forms section.