Applicant Tracking

Recruitment, onboarding and applicant tracking is all handled within the CrewCard platform, meaning less integrations and more available staff for you to schedule.

The sign-up and recruitment pages are customisable with optional interview questions and reference requests. Hundreds of new staff members can be activated each day via a link to an agreements page containing your company policies and agreements. These can be accepted through the mobile app for ease of signing, with signed documents stored within their profile.

Optional multiple-choice induction forms can be added to the recruitment process to ensure staff are ready to work as quickly as possible. Recruits can also set up their payment and account details including online TFND and Superannuation. 

The entire recruitment module is customisable to the unique needs of your company.

Sign Up

CrewCard makes hiring easier. Allow new staff to work for your company by sharing the sign up page. This recruiting page is customised for each client, allowing you to receive all of the information required.

Recruit Card

CrewCard automatically creates a recruit card for each individual. Here you can quickly look through location and contact information and see where they are up to in the recruitment process.

Recruit Bio

Know exactly who is working for you with Recruit Bios for every staff member. Here you will find details on their skills and qualifications, rating information and availability.


The agreements tab contains citizenship status, VEVO, visa checks, policies and contracts to ensure your staff are ready to work. Policies and contracts can be customised to suit your company and staff.

Invite Email

CrewCard makes it easy for new staff members to use the app. Create your own template or use CrewCard’s pre-loaded templates to bring them on board.

Invite Recruit

Share job invitations or request information from multiple recruits with just a few simple clicks.