When clicked, you will be redirected to a new page where a graph will be displaying crew and jobs.

Data Display

Group By:

Job: Crew are grouped by the name of the job

Crew: All crew who have a shift will show

Filter by Business: Only see jobs based on business

Job No: Number allocated to the job

Crew Group: Only members in that group will show

Date From/To: Jobs between the entered dates will show. The Graph page will load 1 week by default.

Scroll:  Use arrows to scroll through job days

Graph Layout

Height: Use the arrows to adjust the height of the graph. The height of the graph will reflect how many rows of jobs will show.

Zoom: Use the ‘-‘/’+’ buttons to zoom in and out of the graph. This will narrow down or expand the visible days.


Important Shifts from XML, please contact support@personnelmanager.com.au.


Shift can be transferred from one crew to another by dragging the shifts to another crew or dragging it to the same crew at different times in the Graphs page.

Drag the shift to another crew member.

A window will pop up for the Confirmation changes. You can check the previous and updated shift details. Once you have confirmed that the details are correct, click the Save button.

A pop up will notify you that Shift updated successfully.

The shift was transferred to another crew member.